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Our philosophy is to leverage
the ability in developing new
lines of specialty chemicals.


Rather than competing in a fragmented market, it prefers to enter the market where innovation is appreciated. Through research and development, new product development pipeline is carefully planned and constructed. Improvement of operating efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing plant utilization, generating the energy necessary for production and monitoring the performance indicators internally. Though not fully environmentally-friendly at the moment, it plans to do so in the next 10 years to contribute in abetting the climate change goals.


  • Research and development

    New products and processes for each product line are studied into own laboratories by a highly qualified staff. Each product is simulated for its physical and chemical properties, before being tested with a lab-scale reactors. After fine-tuning of the process parameters, the processes are repeated in a bench-scale reactor, then pilot reactor for several times to ensure the repeatability.

  • Production planning

    Forecasts are done using previous sales and the market condition to account for the raw material. While at times not applicable, Platinum tends to operate Just In Time supply chain management.

  • Internal production process

    Strict quality control of raw materials and products are performed to comply with Company’s technical specifications and customer’s requests.

  • Products sales

    Most of the sales are done by our own sales department, but some of the products are funneled through distributors, domestic and overseas. Our customers are B2B customers who require pre- and aftersales technical assistance in their own product development, which in turn uses our products.


Platinum primarily engages in two research and development activities:

1. New product Development: continuously seek the betterment of its products line, while also exploring into a new market where quality and sustainability is valued. All of its products are either unique, or superior in terms of performance, compatibility and stability.

2. Production: in some of the product categories, operational efficiency really affects the bottom line of the company. Engineering the processes using different catalysts or raw material that react at lower temperature, for instance, could affect the length of the reaction and finally, the energy that was put into producing that specific product.

These development activities take into account a lot of different aspects of the business, such as availability of raw materials, energy efficiencies, customers’ requirement, health and safety consideration, cost optimization, and environmental benefits.