• :. GENECRYL™ CATALOGUE [Download]

    Genecryl™ is our trademark for acrylic solution resins. We produce thermoplastic, thermosetting and polyol. These resins are generally used for wood, metal and plastic coatings. The application is used for lacquer paints, stoving enamel and polyurethane.

  • :. GENEKYD™ CATALOGUE [Download]

    Genekyd™ is our trademark for all types of alkyd resins. Genekyd offers diverse products based on long oil, medium oil, short oil and modified alkyd. These products are used for decorative paint, stoving enamel, NC, CAB, polyurethane paint and ink.

  • :. GENEMINE™ CATALOGUE [Download]

    Genemine™ is our brand for amino cross linker resins. Cross linker resins are widely used for wood finishing, automotive, can and coil coating. Our amino resins provide wide range of innovative technology based on urea, melamine and benzoguanamine.

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    Geneset™ is our trademark for unsaturated polyester putty resins. Our polyester putty provide excellent adhesion, flexibility, hardness and very good stability.